behind the cameras

Between the three of us we’ve worked on music videos, short films, feature films, documentaries, event coverage, community & school projects and live theatre shows.  On top of that we’re constantly eating up the new art-house cinema releases and revisiting the classics. We’re passionate about films and film-making  and we like to think this really comes across in our work.  We’ve featured a few examples of our films throughout the site.
Take a look and if you think we are a good match for your event or project please do get in touch.



Adam (Photos by Alex Greenwood, Dave Beveridge, Sheena Holliday)

I’ve always been interested in telling stories; I used to draw comic strips and make stop motion animations as a kid and often gathered school friends to shoot sketch shows.  Technology has come a long way since I was editing tape between two VCR players – I love the fact that smartphones allow me to carry essentially a movie camera around in my back pocket, and I’m constantly snapping away or shooting videos for my Vine account. I get a kick out of overcoming budgetary limitations on film shoots, improvising or re appropriating junk into something useful and I love finding creative ways to shoot footage on the fly and still make it look pretty.Despite all the art-house and foreign films I’ve seen, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is still my favourite.



Sheena (Photos by Jim Poyner, Dan Farrell and Sheena)

Film and the arts have always been a massive part of my life. I now live in London and work in both of these fields. I write and direct my own films, I run filmmaking workshops with young people, I make performance work and I support artists with learning disabilities to create performance work and put on arts events. I love lists, horror films, Hitchcock, baking and eating cakes, photography, the colour pink and books by Stephen King.  My favourite film is Halloween… Or Elf. I love making my own work but I also love documenting things for others – projects, rehearsals, weddings or events. I love finding little visual details which make that day special and important. I am also obsessed with sun and light flare.



Frank (photos by Adam)

By far the best looking of the three partners, I do a lot of the organising and administration.  I really like working with sound and I’m thinking a lot about using it imaginatively to create emotional atmosphere in our wedding films. I have written a couple of short films which were made and entered into various competitions and there are more in the pipeline. Making wedding films, films of any sort really, is very satisfying and I can’t believe my luck that people pay us to do it. My favourite films are Buster Keaton’s The General and, because I like trains and doomed love, the classic romance Brief Encounter.


Makers of awesome wedding & event films and excellent promotional videos for businesses, musicians & more. Based in York, Yorkshire, London and covering the whole of the UK.

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